Friday, October 10, 2008

Alright, Here we go......

Yep, this kinda looks like a robot

I thought a mad scientist look was a great choice during Philosophy

This would be me just letting the pen do the work, that's right no pencil

And something I had no memory that I drew

So I haven't posted anything for a long time now, so here we go. Some of the sketches that I'm posted are half notes and half drawing to keep me motivated during class, yeah I know what your thinking....

But anyway, some of these are just doodles from nowhere and some are studies from other people's sketches in class (we traded to have more inspiration to get outside the box of our own style).

"© Scott Michaels 2008"

Other than drawing during class I'm working ever so on my senior thesis "Thoughts" . I have a turn table of my character in 3D, character which is in the animation (if you haven't guessed yet), all of these images and character of the film and drawing are copyrighted of Scott Michaels

"© Scott Michaels 2008"

Sorry to be literal here, but you know the drill on artwork........

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Sakari said...

That rig is lookin' pretty nice. I swear I'm gonna start that page soon!