Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ok, so it's been awhile..... But we can still be friends, right?

Alright there fellow artist and Joe's, here is the latest from Scott's tiny mutant brain to your eager eyes....Here above you is the long waited continuation "yo" page that Jon Lane started and took it upon myself to forge on to add onto the story.

I like the color palette so far, and I do have some troubles with skin tones, but I think that I did a good job so far for the most part on the hero. But if any one has a comment to clean it up or suggest adding some other colors that I didn't think to add please don't hold your tongue.

Now, as you can notice that it isn't done quite just yet, but almost there. I did have something for the fourth panel (the very bottom of the page) but decided that it didn't flow with the other panels, so I'm re-doing that panel, if you guys have any suggest, please speak up..... and be gentle if possible?

Now, this could be a Jon Lane drawing, or it's me just making a small study of the character from the "yo" pages; I was trying to keep on character for the page that I'm adding, just experimenting if I could do it or not.
But it did help with the process of still making the page..

You got to love that my hard earned loans are contributing to the drawing that I'm adding, these were drawn during my Art History classes, it was a video day and the movie was very boring... I don;t think that the video the teacher showed was any any relation to the Greeks?? But it could be me, since I have some what of a short attention span during these movies..

But the bird and drama queen are from the main parts of the movie, this one actress was just carrying on about something that god only knows and the bird was some sort of relation icon, but it turned out to be a great drawing though, I quite proud of it.

I liked this drawing a lot, on the fact that I was fully out of it during my main studio class and the only way that I could keep myself even remotely awake. funny thing though, is that I don't remember drawing half of this dude... weird huh?
But I'm decide whether or not to color him in later on in the semester since the drawing itself tuned out great in my eyes, but I rather put that time to try and recreate him in another view or another pose, who knows???

Yeah, these two, they were done during Philosophy... you probably already noticed this but both of these drawing were done on the same piece of paper. You can see the fate outline of the other drawing on the background of the that drawing.... didn't really think that one through.

But anyway, I have some other stuff going up in the next day or so, be ready


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