Thursday, September 25, 2008

There's more to see.....

Here it is, my first full colored page and return to the collective. This page should continue out the little fart machine guy fling in to that vag cave and exploding his magical peen smoke all over.
Now, this is a shot from inside the smoke cloud that was released into the air, and those tiny little white clumps aren't your average happy sperm, there something completely different.....

Now, I made these little guys in hopes that someone else will have fun with it as much as I did.
What you guys think?

I finally got some of my recent sketches scanned in and I'm just posting them because I was bored in class; therefore had no motivation at the time to work, or I just becoming lazy again.......
(Hopefully and mainly I'm not motivated right now)

Here's the fresh, or some new stuff from my shaky and highly damaged hands to be seen by the round things inside your skull that you call eyes......


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For you Viewing Pleasure

Alright, I've been trying to get these up for a while, and I had some down time to burn.
Below are just couple of animation that I have done over the past year or recently.
I omit that I have no new drawings right now, except for the uncompleted ones from the occasional drawing session and the sketchbooks, so I thought this would make due until I got my hands on the scanner.

Enjoy them.....


In this one, I was bored on night in the Particle Bay and was
trying to get out of a Maya funk, plus the quads were not in there
as I remember last year for entertainment, as they divided and conquered the
entire computer lab that year. So you can say this is for them.....

And this one early version that a friend and I had done for fun at the end of the year,
I liked how it turned out, but I wasn't fully satisfied, but it could use some finer detail and touch-ups.
More should be coming soon, hopefully......

Cheers, once again

Saturday, September 13, 2008

To New Beginnings, again....

Another weirdness I concocted on another late night

What kind of monster Indiana Jones would run into, via waiting for the forth Indiana Jones movie to start and killing time in line.....

Fun doodles....

How is feels to be on the computer 20 hours straight....
over and over again.

Hello my fellow artist and people, hope you will enjoy this blog as it begins and continues to grow.
The images above are some of the many drawings from my most recent sketchbook, these were made during the end of my second semester junior year at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Have any questions, interests or comments; please feel free to asked them or shoot me an email