Monday, March 23, 2009

This goes out for Paul

This is the finalized look of my guy, and this is just the one layer render, no AO or depth map render layers on him yet

Another render still that I took from the film's finalized look, the wood parts of my character is the most exciting thing to me, and yes sounded weird, but man it's looks like real objects.. which that was what I was going for.

This is what it's going to look like through the eyes of my character..... not fully renderd yet, but it's going to be awesome P.O.V shot... Thank you Quad's for the shot influence

Here is a look at the final render of Sparks, the only thing left on him are the matchbook and the pill bottle... but those textures are done and are currently being applied in Maya... which as you saw before are totally done and bitchin'

Hope this is an awesome sight for you Paul.....


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Animation, Come and Get It!!!! (honesty, just unrendered test my friend)

Alright, this is simple shot inside Sparks head

This is part of the Montage scene about half way through the film.

This is Sparks' Death sequence right here, it would hurt

Just some ladder climbs

His dramatic Death fall from high up

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blast From the Past, that's right I'm Back....

I'm back in action, I have some free time and I decided to update my blog site, since I've been slamming my head against my desk day and night to produce this senior thesis animation. I'll have a short run down on what it is about and have some of the animations that I have done for the animation with a later post.

Since it as been a long time that I have posted something up here, I decided to treat you guys to all sorts of stuff that I have been working on, in short the entire sketch book that I have completed over the last semester. It took a couple of hours to scan in everything, but it was well worth it and you guys will be even happier to see all that I have doodled in the last four months.

Now, with this one... it was a study from the great Jon Lane, I liked the way that Jon draws, and I thought that is study of his would also make a nice test piece for the coloring technique that I was experimenting with.

This fine handwork was when I was stuck at a Starbucks for two hours and I decided to make most of the time, as I waited for a ride back to the school. And I know what you are thinking that the school isn't that far away, but it is when it's like negative three outside and snowing...

But the old lady in the drawing, realized that I was sketching her. She turned to look at me, with one of those 'how dare you' looks and then proceed to exit the place while she was still staring me down.

Now, this was another study from Nate Van Dyke, yeah it's not colored or anything, but the pencil shading was fun to do once again.... Since I have been using copics throughout the sketchbook's life.

Funny story with this drawing, I was going to the dentist and I didn't want to go..... Just wanted to stay at home and sleep in. But as usual I went to the dentist and this is what I drew in the waiting room. ( oh, and by the way... my dentist kept me waiting for over two hours just for a regular checkup, which only lasted ten minutes. So I wasn't in a good mood after that visit)

In addition to the Octupussys that I draw, I thought a different approach to the awesome squid would to make one battle harden and ready to rumble.... Hints the Battle Squid. Catylin was soo kind to give me a helping hand with the movement of the squid's tenicules.

This little guy is going to the be the star of my next animation, or hopefully be in it when I get around to conceptualizing the idea and story. But I don't have a name for him yet, if anybody has one for him, please feel free to commment on this....

And yes, he is wearing the diapers that the sumo wreslters use in their sport. Oh, and if you haven't noticed that object he is drinking from, it's a milk carton.

Mr. Robotree here is my version of the perfect robot to invent, helpful to human kind and environment friendly....

Yeah, this is a mad scientist, I had fun drawing this guy in the waiting room of the doctor's office... I was in there for a check up to see if I was in shape to go to Vietnam during the winter intersession of school, but the trip was a no go....

I can't explain this one, it's just something I drew half asleep during class...... Drawing is the one cure for staying awake in class for artist, cause redbull and coffee does jack nothing

Once again, not really sure how I came to the invention of this drawing....
Probably the really tasty beer from the local pub that brought these sweet little star wars creatures to mind, sorry George Lucas...... I didn't mean to rip you off

This one is my favorite experiment that turned out great. This was just letting the pencil and ink do the work itself.... I did think about it the drawing in whole, but I let the lines decide what was going where ....

This guy was just a random thing that I pulled from the air....
I started drawing the glass bowl and then stuff started building on from there, like the month and the eyes, and then the idea of putting a lizard's body on it..... yeah it gets a little crazy at times.

Fudgey the Whale, this little guy has been in my mind every since I got this sketchbook and now that he is out of my head, I think this was one of the best doodles that I have ever done in awhile. Even though the skin color isn't realistic, it sure would be a sight to see.

Well, that's all for the recent drawings....
But stay tuned for the animation section, it's going to blow your freaking mind.... or just be a big pile of crap, opinion is up to you