Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fresh Ink.... color and pencils

Here is the latest and greatest, fresh from the drawing desk. I had a couple of ideas on displaying and showing my processes of drawing skill/habits; like showing the penciled version after seeing the colored piece.

I've started using oil based pencils in a lot of my drawings, giving more freedoms and helping to develop a style all of my own that I can identify myself as an artist. Now, using these new pencils, I've found out that I'm more or just as in love with the final inked drawing then the final colored versions. But either way, I like what I'm producing now and it can only get better from here.

And I have a Vimeo page ( with a time lapse of me drawing and coloring some of these illustration. those drawings would be "Hard of Hearing" and "PokaTrany". The time lapse was shot with a time delay of thirty seconds and the frame rate was set for 24 fps. and I just had some movies or music playing while I did these illustration, so I maybe just looking into the camera during some of the video.


"Hard of Hearing"
Finally Colored Him

Finally colored him too..

Finally got around to color him as well....

A pet that never dies.. and has super pet strength

Transformer when identity issues

Joben, the "mascot" for a KC band

You Got Me?
Martial Arts Aliens...

Cross Between Mega Man and early 90's software

The ShawMen of the Robotic?


Buster said...

Nice work dude. Keep 'em coming.

The Vault said...

You been busy Scotty boy! Keep up the awesome work sirl.