Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For you Viewing Pleasure

Alright, I've been trying to get these up for a while, and I had some down time to burn.
Below are just couple of animation that I have done over the past year or recently.
I omit that I have no new drawings right now, except for the uncompleted ones from the occasional drawing session and the sketchbooks, so I thought this would make due until I got my hands on the scanner.

Enjoy them.....


In this one, I was bored on night in the Particle Bay and was
trying to get out of a Maya funk, plus the quads were not in there
as I remember last year for entertainment, as they divided and conquered the
entire computer lab that year. So you can say this is for them.....

And this one early version that a friend and I had done for fun at the end of the year,
I liked how it turned out, but I wasn't fully satisfied, but it could use some finer detail and touch-ups.
More should be coming soon, hopefully......

Cheers, once again


jonathan.lane said...


If you haven't already, please make sure that light table find its rightful owner. Thanks.

Keep the art coming. Use the knife if you need to leave a mark.

And you don't stop.


Yeah, I returned the light box to the owner, and they said thank you very much for it.....

Now in the knife? Do you mean the song artist or actually cutting of my skin, cause that would hurt.

But the art will be coming, and coming it shall.

Anything new you're going to post in the near future or any visits?

jonathan.lane said...

by the way,

check your spelling.